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Pixologic has achieved new breakthroughs with the release of ZBrush 4. Through the introduction of completely new tools and the extension or expansion of existing ZBrush utilities, ZBrush 4 sets a new standard for digital art software. ZBrush 4 offers the freedom to explore and create; take your art from concept to final production asset without the need to leave the ZBrush environment. You can also use GoZ to seamlessly transition between ZBrush and other applications.

With this new release, ZBrush continues to evolve in the directions established by the innovations of ZBrush 3.5. Building on the desire to add more intuitive modeling tools such as ZBrush 3.5's QuickSketch, ZSketch and Remesh, version 4 adds ShadowBox, Clip Brushes, and improved SubTools. Hard surface sculpting is now just as easy and powerful as organic modeling. With ZBrush 4 you can create vehicles just as fluidly as creatures, environments or characters. Sculpt anything you can imagine and then paint your work with the SpotLight PolyPainting projection system. Export your work for 3D printing so that you can hold your creation in your hand!

Your 3D creations are only as good as their presentation. Now ZBrush 4 includes an animation timeline allowing you to create moving turntables for your demo reel. Animate poses, store camera positions, sync your animation to music, import audio to test blend shapes and lip sync -- all within ZBrush. More than simply an animation tool, the timeline can also be used to store and switch between your model's states for fast, easy control while working. For example, you can use points on the timeline to swap visibility of entire groups of SubTools, making project management easier than ever. Show your model off in the best light by using the new Best Preview render options to add amazing realism: Render subsurface scattering, ambient occlusion, fibers, advanced shadows and more in no time!

ZBrush Artist: Marc-Olivier Plouffe

What they say about ZBrush 4:

“ZBrush is definitely the most important tool for a character artist, but one can also do so much with it in environment modeling. It makes one’s work so much faster. I love the freedom it gives. I think every student should really take it upon themselves to learn at least one sculpting package thoroughly. Today ZBrush is definitely the way to go.”
Magdalena Dadela - VFS 3D Animation & Visual Effects graduate, character modeler at Ubisoft

“ZBrush is like a tub full of Lego when you're a kid, as long as you put the effort into it there's absolutely nothing you can't create.”
Kristian (ScudzAlmighty) Davidson - Freelance 3D Artist

“ZBrush 4 leaves me speechless. The breadth of new features and functionality has blown away any notions of what is possible in this program. My mind is still catching up to the possibilities!”
Scott Spencer - Designer - Weta Workshop

“When creating complex shapes from scratch you most often had to rely on other 3D packages. But thanks to the new ShadowBox feature in ZBrush 4 you never wanna go back.”
Christopher Brändström - Senior Modeler - Framestore


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