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Develop Truly Creative Concepts

Limitless creative control is what Shadow Box brings to the process of creating a three-dimensional base mesh. Use the advanced masking brushes to paint a silhouette of your idea on any of the three sides of Shadow Box and the mesh will appear at the center. Carve out holes in the surface of the mesh by simply erasing any part of the masks; the surface at the center of Shadow Box updates instantly. Combine radial symmetry, your own custom alpha textures, reference images and masking curves to build complex forms in a matter of seconds. Whether you are sculpting a specific model or just exploring shapes, Shadow Box offers a unique method for quickly establishing an editable base mesh for sculpting.

The new Move Elastic brush allows you to pull and stretch the surface of your model while simultaneously relaxing the topology of the mesh so that polygon distortion is minimized. A simple sphere can be shaped into a base mesh for a bust very quickly and with few stretched polygons! Take your concept from base mesh to final model in no time using the new Clay Buildup brush. Before you know it you’ll be ready for 3D printing or presentation. The new ZBrush 4 brushes are addictive!

ZBrush Artist: Magdalena Dadela


A good pose is the essence of a great composition. Rhythm, gesture, weight and balance are all key to any work of art. Use the new Mannequin sample projects to find that perfect pose for single or multi-character models. The ZSphere Mannequins can easily be edited to fit any character or creature you need. Create an entire scene in just a few clicks! In no time, you'll have established perfect visual harmony and you'll be on your way to sculpting a masterpiece.


Render Your Art Directly in ZBrush

ZBrush 4 expands on the library of advanced hard surface sculpting brushes introduced in ZBrush 3.5. The new Clip brushes add precise refinement to the shapes and surfaces of your mechanical objects, vehicles and character armor. Use these brushes to slice your forms with accuracy and hone their edges to absolute perfection. The new Curve, Circle and Square stroke types can be applied to the clipping brushes to ensure that your surface has straight edges or for creating realistic detail. By combining these techniques with the surfaces you generate in Shadow Box or with the Remesh feature, there is no limit to the types of mechanical objects you can make.




ZBrush Artist: James Van Den Bogart

Enhancements to the SubTools system let you merge, duplicate, mirror and weld any of your model's separate parts. Complex models with hundreds of SubTools can be easily manipulated, freeing you to construct visually rich and intricate objects. The new Solo feature instantly hides all other SubTools while Expose moves your SubTools apart in the 3D space so that you can easily isolate the pieces.

The amazing new Match Maker brush deforms the shape of a surface so that it fits perfectly against other objects. The brush is incredibly easy to use and the results are stunning. Within seconds you can craft complex parts and make them all fit perfectly together.


Productivity is the key!

GoZBrush (or GoZ) has been extended and improved in ZBrush 4. Send your models to Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DSMax, Luxology modo or Maxon Cinema4D with a single button. Make any change you need in your 3D animation software, such as editing the topology or generating a new base mesh and then send it all back to ZBrush for further sculpting. Your ZBrush project will be automatically updated using the changes, without losing the work that you've already done in ZBrush.

Using GoZ, the texture maps you make in ZBrush are instantly transferred and applied to your model in your 3D rendering application. These include diffuse, normal and displacement maps! GoZ now even supports the simultaneous exchange of multiple SubTools. GoZ lets you focus on your creative process by removing the tedious and technical hurdles of 3D data exchange between applications. Support for additional 3D animation software will soon be added to GoZ with the help of the GoZ SDK. Bookmark to stay current with the latest update information.

As your ZBrush creations become more complex, you'll find that saving all the meshes, textures, alphas, materials, timeline animation and camera positions at once is easy thanks to the new ZProject format. When you load a saved ZProject in ZBrush 4 you'll be able to pick up exactly where you saved as if you had never left!



The new Multi Map Exporter plug-in included with ZBrush 4 makes creating and exporting your many texture maps easier than ever before. Within a single menu you can establish custom settings to create displacement, normal, ambient occlusion, cavity and texture maps, exporting them all at once. It even supports multiple UV sets!


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