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ZBrush for Figure creation

ZBrush has eliminated the barrier between virtual art and reality. The ability to send digital figurative artwork from the computer to 3D printing is now available to everyone. Imagine holding one of your ZBrush creations in your hands!

Starting in ZBrush, you can quickly sketch an armature using ZSpheres II. Using ZSketch you can rough out primary forms, establish the gesture of the model, it feels just like adding strips of clay to a wire skeleton. When you are satisfied with the gesture you can convert the ZSketch into a mesh and use the sculpting brushes to refine the form, add as much detail as you can imagine.

Using Transpose tools you can continue to pose the sculpture as you work, make changes and edit without losing detail. Use the free Transpose Master and Subtool Master plug-ins to easily pose sculptures comprised of multiple objects.

ZBrush Artist: Adam Ross
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“ZBrush allows me to bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms in a way that no other software can. The constantly evolving tool set and the close relationships that Pixologic cultivates with its users ensures that ZBrush is always addressing my needs in a definitive and dynamic way. ZBrush has made its way to the center of both my career and company. I've never looked back.”
Adam Ross - Figure Artist

ZBrush Artist: Adam Ross
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ZBrush Artist: Konrad Kielczykowski - Offload Studios
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From ZBrush to 3D output reality

Once you are satisfied with your model, the process of preparing it for 3D printing its quite simple. The free Decimation Master plug-in will optimize your mesh, converting millions of polygons into a lower resolution version without losing detail. You can fine tune the settings to get exactly what you need so that the converted model stays true to your original vision.

Then by using the 3D Print Exporter plug-in the figure is exported as an STL file or a full color VRML file. This can be sent electronically to your favorite 3D printing company. You can determine the size of the model, the type of printing material and even the color. Some printers now support up to 16 million colors so your Polypainted detail will appear on the finished product.

Artists are using ZBrush today to create tomorrow's jewelry, collectible coins, toys, furniture and even gallery pieces.

If you are new to digital sculpting in ZBrush you can visit the online ZClassroom and watch a full set of instructional videos that will take you from figure creation all the way to 3D printing. Jeff Feligno: Sculpting in ZBrush for 3D Printing is a free series available from Pixologic.

Check soon for a dedicated web section focused on figure creation and 3D printing!

ZBrush Artist: David Giraud
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