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ZBrush in the VFX Industry

Studios around the globe rely on ZBrush to produce sophisticated designs and keep movie goers on the edge of their seats.

Latest Industry News

ZBrush was Used to Help Create the Ants of Marvel's Ant-ManWere those real three foot ants? Nope, just ZBrush.…
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Earth’s mightiest heroesPerception NYC was tasked to create a larger-than-life monument of the heroes for Avengers: Age of Ultron…
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The ZBrush pipeline in filmsSean Ray Pugh from MPC has given a talk discussing his ZBrush Pipeline in the film industry…
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Modeling the GrieverPaulo Welter was the modeler in charge of the Griever creature in The Maze Runner. Here he shares an insight into the creation process…
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Bungie’s Destiny cinematicThe astronauts in Bungie’s Destiny cinematic, as well as some of the terrains, were sculpted in ZBrush…
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Go Go Power RangersThe robots in Joseph Kahn’s Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers bootleg film were blocked-out, detailed and cleaned up in ZBrush…
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