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ZBrush in the VFX Industry

Studios around the globe rely on ZBrush to produce sophisticated designs and keep movie goers on the edge of their seats.

Latest Industry News

Alien Covenant Concept Art DumpZBrushCentral member Colin Shulver shares concept designs he made for the Ridley Scott film!…
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Digital Wax Sculpts in Game of Thrones PromoStylish new Cinemax promo spot features ZBrush sculpts!…
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A T-Rex Can Now Drive an Audi in "The Comeback"Audi's clever ad features a CG T-Rex who can now drive despite having tiny arms!…
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Early Design Concepts for Ghost in the ShellSee some of the concepts for the hit film!…
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Ghost in the Shell Uses 3D Printed Props for Practical FXSee how Weta Workshop made this endoskeleton!…
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Game of Thrones Teaser Features ZBrush SculptsBeautiful creature sculpts are the stars of the latest Game of Thrones teaser…
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