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ZBrush in the VFX Industry

Studios around the globe rely on ZBrush to produce sophisticated designs and keep movie goers on the edge of their seats.

Latest Industry News

Making of Godzilla ResurgenceCool video showing how some of the VFX for the film were achieved!…
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ZBrusher Contributes Models to Impressive Polish Short FilmSee the independent short film and impressive VFX!…
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Artist Daniel Bystedt Shares Beowulf CreaturesCheck out the creature concepts by this ZBrush artist!…
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Pixologic Speaks with Industrial Light and Magic on the VFX of Jurassic WorldSee how ILM approached the VFX for Jurassic World in the 21st century!…
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Ruari Robinson Stops by Gnomon to Talk About the Making of The Leviathan TeaserThe Leviathan gets picked up by Fox …
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Artist Discovered via ZBrushCentral to Work on Avengers MovieSee how Joe Grundfast went from th Top Row to the big screen…
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