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ZBrush Artist: Vitaly Bulgarov
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Your ideas on your screen

Ideas come in all shapes and sizes - and dimensions. In ZBrush you can combine two dimensional painting techniques with three dimensional sculpting and create illustrations that blend the two.

Using ZBrush’s exclusive "Pixol" technology, you can create illustrations that have depth - paint strokes exist in space and can be moved and rotated. You can add light and shadows that react with each mark you make on the canvas. Integrated 3D objects into your painted creations to generate truly fantastic images.

ZBrush has a number of tools, such as the free PaintStop plug-in which add the painterly quality of natural media to your images. The QuickSketch mode allows you to rough out a design. Sketch in 3D using the free form ZSpheresII and ZSketching tools. Illustrating in ZBrush can be 2D, 3D or both at the same time!

You're free to paint, sculpt or build your ideas with ZBrush in whatever artistic way best suits you!

ZBrush Artist: d8Ds
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Sketch your mind

Conceptualize your art at the speed of imagination. ZBrush keeps up with your creativity, with new tools such as ZSketch. ZSketching has been designed to feel just like adding strips of clay to a real world armature, yet it is so much faster and easier you’ll create things that are impossible to achieve any other way.

As you work using ZSketch, you can pose and repose the model as much as you need using the ZSphere II armature or the classic ZBrush Transpose tools.

ZBrush Artist: Taole Chen
ZBrush Artist: Eric Keller

"We needed software like ZBrush that could let us quickly create the quantity and quality of models necessary..."

Zack Petroc, Model Supervisor

"I usually sketch the model I have to create in ZBrush, and then retopologize the new mesh. It is very frequent that I start texturing with ZBrush as well. It has now happened that I almost forgot standard modeling, and I was staring for a few minutes at the screen, wondering how to start..."

Szabolcs Mátéfy, Character Lead Artist - Crytek

"ZBrush has a powerful set of materials that can be modified and re-combined to create more complex materials"

Kris Costa “Antropus”, Artist

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ZBrush Artist: Michal Suchanek
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Sculpt and paint your art

ZSketches are converted to a sculptable mesh using a Unified Skin. This method of skinning the armature is driven by voxels- three dimensional digital volumes - that create an even mesh around the shape of the ZSketch. Use any of the powerful sculpting brushes to refine the mesh. With hundreds of customizable sculpting brushes and the ability to design your own brushes there’s no limit to what you can create. Painting your sculpted creations is also designed to feel natural and intuitive. You can build up layers of colors using a wide variety of tools and methods to create the look of realistic skin, weathered metal, and organic surfaces. Tools such as cavity masking, alphas, and stencils allow you to precisely apply colors where you want them. There’s no UV texture coordinates to worry about while you paint, you can simply apply colors, blend them across the surface and view your results under virtual lighting.

Free ZBrush plug-ins such as ZApplink extend your painting options by letting you move your models between ZBrush and your favorite digital paint program. For example, an image of the model can be opened in Adobe Photoshop, painted, and then transferred back to ZBrush. This means that any custom brushes or techniques you have in Photoshop essentially become part of ZBrush too!

Material presets can add surface qualities to the model. By combining materials with polypainted textures you can create any number of realistic of fantastic looks for your models. Using ZBrush’s Material Capture technology, you can lift surface qualities from photographs and integrate them into your model.


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