Feed your imagination with 2D, 2.5D and 3D tools that make digital art much more accessible. If you can create something fantastic with a pencil, then you can do it just as quickly with ZBrush -- and in 3D.

Rough, Sketch and Paint Daniel Lieske Rough, Sketch and Paint

Whether you are a professional, hobbyist or enthusiast, ZBrush offers a wide range of functions designed to keep you creating longer. Features like QuickSketch give users extended flexibility by incorporating the design capabilities of symmetry Generate ideas quickly before moving on to PaintStop. In PaintStop, users experience the benefits of an advanced traditional painting extension providing paper simulation and traditional materials like charcoal, gouache, watercolor and various pencils.

Unlimited Details Pablo Munoz Unlimited Details

ZBrush was originally developed as a 2D illustration software. The addition of a 3D rendering engine facilitated painting in color, switching materials and the visual representation of depth, known as Z space. ZBrush makes sculpting figures in 3D quick, while still providing the option to “snapshot” them to the canvas where they become actual paint. Used in conjunction with traditional paint brushes to detail and enhance these elements, artists can seamlessly blend the worlds of 2D and 3D thereby enhancing their illustrations.

Freedom of Artistic Styles Marcello Baldari Freedom of Artistic Styles

ZBrush's modeling approach gives artists freedom to work in 3D as illustrators. Once created, 3D elements can be used, modified and reused while becoming part of a growing library meant to save time in future projects. Shadows can be drawn automatically, enhancing model’s realism. With ZBrush, you can create in 3D or fool viewers into thinking that it was exactingly drawn with real-world media. The choice is yours!

Experiment from 2D to 3D Worlds Experiment with 2D and 3D Worlds

ZBrush provides users with a platform meant to extend their artistic freedom. Throw ideas onto virtual paper, switching from 2D concepts to ultra-detailed 3D models and back to digital paint without any creative restrictions. Combined with a graphics tablet, the Tool and Brush systems in ZBrush will give you everything necessary to bring your illustrations out of your mind's eye.

Create, Composite and Share Create, Composite and Share

ZBrush is available with a powerful rendering engine that uses easily configurable materials to reproduce a wide range of effects from the ultra-realistic to surreal. Explore the rich softness of materials like velvet or explore a comic book's cell shading. With ZBrush, you determine everything from the style to mood of your characters and scenes. You can also separate each object's shadows, masks and other data if you want to composite your final image in another program like Photoshop.

Visit the ZBrushCentral forum to see more art from an international collection of artists.

Tech Corner
3D Sketches in Minutes Cezar Brandao 3D Sketches in Minutes

If you enjoy 2D sketching but want to go faster by quickly building volumes or silhouettes, ZBrush will give you this flexibility without technical restraints with its Dynamesh feature. Dynamesh revolutionizes the way artists interact with 3D geometry. For a more traditional creation process, ZSpheres allows you to create digital armatures ready to be sculpted. A perfect way to work on proportions, dynamic movement and mass.

3D Painting Without UV's Antonis Papantoniou 3D Painting Without UV's

3D painting is a major part of the ZBrush tool set. available to you to bring colors and fine details to your illustrations. PolyPainting technology gives you the freedom to paint directly on your model without creating UV's. In fact, you can avoid UV mapping entirely. Other features like SpotLight give artists the ability to projection paint from personalized libraries of textures while making modifications inside ZBrush. There’s no need for an external editor

Cell Shading to Hyperreal Renders Pascal Blanche Cell Shading to Hyperreal Renders

Rendering your image inside ZBrush to add believable shadows, complete with ambient occlusion or the effect of skin translucency is another way to bring life to your project. With ZBrush, you can create photo-real images cartoons, or are even highly stylized works of art. With a wide variety of features designed specifically to take your final images further, ZBrush is ready for your next art adventure. Take your images further with the added power of BPR filters.

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