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ZBrush in the Jewelry Industry

In recent years, Jewelry designers who have experimented with CAD and NURBS based software programs have found themselves feeling limited in what they can accomplish with their designs. With ZBrush, crafting a ring feels just like sculpting in wax in a way that recalls the methods of traditional jewelry designers. But with ZBrush the traditional approach in enhanced with tools that enable limitless exploration, variation, and experimentation.

Jewelry is an art form, and should not feel like a technical exercise. ZBrush lets you feel the virtual wax at your fingertips. The freedom to design whatever you can imagine is right there on the ZBrush canvas. Combine the speed and flexibility of using a computer with the natural and artistic touch of sculpting with ZBrush.

Zbrush Artist: David Rios
ZBrush Artist: T.S.Wittelsbach
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ZBrush in the Production Pipeline

Accuracy is maintained in the design pipeline with the ability to import basic forms and templates into ZBrush. NURBS models created in other software packages can be triangulated and converted to a sculptable mesh. Using the many sculpting tools within the ZBrush toolbox a blank can be crafted into a gorgeous work of art within an amazingly short amount of time. Customization is easy and fast, a request from a client can be easily tested and presented with as many variations as needed before any printing is done.

ZBrush allows you to test your designs instantly by replicating realistic materials and natural lighting. Using the Material Capture tools (MatCap) you can sample surface qualities from photographs and render realistic images of your products while you continue to design.

ZBrush enables you to take a design from concept to completion in a single day. The base model you start with in the morning can be sculpted and prepared for 3D printing by the end of the day. Using the Decimation Master plug-in, dense models can be converted to a printable mesh without losing detail. The free 3D Print Exporter will then enable you to choose your printing format and send it to your favorite 3D printing vendor for rapid prototyping. No other 3D software offers such speed and flexibility!

Zbrush Artist: Yann Bajard - Maq3D
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Zbrush Artist: Yann Bajard - Maq3D
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ZBrush Artist: T.S. Wittelsbach
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"ZBrush is the foundation of my jewelry work flow and has now become the most instrumental tool I have to express my vision and create my objects. As a sculptor I've been producing pieces for decades. When I switched to creating jewelry I was initially very reticent about shifting to a computer to sculpt. I now have no issues saying the objects I create in ZBrush have been sculpted by hand. There is nothing out there that actually has the true feel of tool in hand and material resistance. An absolutely amazing accomplishment."

T.S Wittelsbach

"Hand built models sculpted in wax, which previously took days of work for traditional jewelers, now only require a few hours of work thanks to ZBrush."

Yann Bajard - Maq3D


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