Embrace the artistic freedom provided by 3D digital sculpting. Only ZBrush allows you to create natural shapes with perfect curves, yet also include all the subtle variations which can give your model a sense of being handmade.

Creative Productivity du Rose Gallery Creative Productivity

Discover that you can create in a few hours what used to require days or months in other conventional design software solutions.Previously unimaginable designs are now within reach, waiting to be built in ZBrush.

Boolean-Style Operations Angus J. Law Boolean-Style Operations

Import your surface/NURBS models and use DynaMesh to convert to a watertight volume. Work on an optimized surface which can be sliced, trimmed and receive Boolean-like operations. Or simply enhance your imported model with fine details.

Customized Creation T.S.Wittelsbach Customized Creation

ZBrush gives you freedom to fully customize your creations. You can emboss all kinds of patterns. You can even replace parts of a model with new geometry, making it easier to experiment with the placement of stones in order to create complex ornamentation.

Reusable Content Dragon Vaults Reusable Content

With ZBrush you can build custom IMM (Insert multi Mesh) brushes which can include all the 3D models of your choice, ready to be called upon and inserted into your jewelry whenever needed. For example, you could create a brush with twenty different kinds of stones, ready to be placed wherever and whenever you want.

Handcrafted Creation is Back T.S.Wittelsbach Optimized for 3D Printing

Using DynaMesh, ZBrush creates watertight models. ZBrush also offers various tools to optimize your exported mesh, fully compatible with the 3D Printing process. Once your objects are finished you can use 3D Print Exporter (automatically included as part of your ZBrush installation) to easily size them to the exact dimensions required and make 3D prints for casting.

Optimized for 3D Printing du Rose Gallery Handcrafted Creation is Back

As jewelry designers move toward more computer driven processes and incorporate CAD software, they are disconnected from the physical processes of handcrafted artistry. With ZBrush they can reclaim that legacy without sacrificing the speed demanded by today's world. See how you can quickly produce concepts, prototypes and truly distinctive production models.

Key Points:
  • Accurate sculpting for creation of fine details, thanks to pattern management and a wide variety sculpting brushes.
  • Sculpting without technical restrictions through DynaMesh: endlessly add to, delete from, cut and carve of your model.
  • Transform and modify your imported models or create from scratch in ZBrush.
  • Embossing or engraving by image projection.
  • Global and local deformations by using sliders or brushes.
  • Export models composed entirely of quadrangles for easier conversion to parametric surfaces using 3rd party software/plugins.
  • IMM brushes instantly insert commonly used elements.
  • Selectively replace individual polygons with 3D objects, easily building complexly detailed designs.

Handcraft 3D creation with ZBrush

Rediscover the delicate feeling of sculpting in wax but with all the flexibility and power of digital sculpting. Create jewelry that stands out in the market as your artistic sensitivity is coupled with ZBrush's digital sculpting tools.

Tech Corner
Freedom of Creation is the Key Hendrik F Freedom of Creation is the Key

You can easily modify shapes and proportions to your liking using various deformation brushes. You can also use Masks to quickly isolate and protect details from further operations. You can also use these masked areas to create a new geometry through Extract operations or by converting them to PolyGroups and then Panels. Some beautiful bracelet and ring designs can be made in less than one hour using masking and a few other features!

Unlimited Customization Cosmic Unlimited Customization

ZBrush contains more than conventional sculpting brushes. It offers specialized brushes that can alter your models by making accurate slices through solid volumes, polish surfaces or deform them according to very specific parameters. Other specialized brushes such as TriParts when combined with the Curve feature can insert repetitive geometric patterns along a surface with different shapes at either end, perfect for creating chains or even real stitching on a leather bracelet.

It's WYSIWYG! Lexxx69 It's WYSIWYG!

ZBrush focuses on the visual qualities of your object, you will not have to worry about technical hurdles such as the underlying surface structure or the position of a construction curve. All operations in ZBrush are immediate, mostly driven by different types brushes for a natural feeling and correspond directly to the final result.

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