Ashley Adams – Creature & Character Concept Sculpting – Episode 19

Ashley creates a creature concept from a PolySphere in 4 hours.

In this broadcast, Ashley talks about silhouette and form while sculpting a business shark. She also discusses how to create interlocking teeth, and also covers when to start using ZRemesher, after sculpting in DynaMesh.
The chat also participated in sculpting their own sharks and had fun coming up with shark gamertags such as ‘Xx_sealhunter_xX’


Creature and Character Concept Sculpting
September 20
5:00pm - 9:00pm PDT
September 27
5:00pm - 9:00pm PDT

Segment Summary: I will be doing speed sculpts from a sphere, completely from the imagination. The goal here is to muck the clay around until I see some interesting shapes and design a creature or character from that. Lot's of fun, learning and experimentation!
Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Hometown: Markham, Ontario Canada
Sculpting Experience: 3 years
Most Used/Favorite Feature: "I use and abuse the Dynamesh function but my favorite feature has to be the Snake Hook brush!"
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