Blair Armitage – Character Sculpting – Episode 3

Blair continues on with her character and addes more details to the model.

Character Sculpting & Fan Art

Returning January 2018 – Dates Coming Soon!

Segment Summary:
“Hi! I’ll be sculpting characters for games and figurines, I like to do a lot of fan art and anime-inspired pieces. Feel free to ask questions!”
Los Angeles
Leeds, United Kingdom
How Did You Discover ZBrush?
“I was shown ZBrush at University by other students, which kicked off my interested
in 3D art!”
Sculpting Experience:
7 years
Most Used/Favorite Feature:
Transpose Master
Previous Works, Industry Experience & Highlights:
“I started out in the UK at Frontier Developments and Playground Games, went freelance for a year, and now I work at Riot Games.”
Fun Facts:
“I lived in Tokyo for a year, lots of fun!”