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  1. good job again…..liked the clean design….your model communicates well….keep it up….

  2. hi faraz, thanks a lot for sharing the thread…..got it…really nice work….one thing i wanted to know though…..the sculpts are rather cool…pretty good definitions….I guess you chose to have them subdued in the final render…..they dont come out as clearly in the colored render….specially areas like the rib-cage between the pectorals and the latissimus and also at the back where the sacro-spinalis attaches to the back of the rib-cage…you have them pretty defined in the zbrush pass….they could have added a nice feel of occlusion……

  3. thats a kind of rendering that gamengines do. actually its really good in realtime,specially when light hits the surface. without light there is no display of normal maps since its actually a property of light. so in shadows its just plain lowpoly mesh with sub surface and no normap maps. this is not the case in 3dsmax or any other software package. this is only present in gameengines and in this case Cryengine 2.0

    but i liked the final output so i used it.. im sure cry3.0 will find a way around it.

  4. I love your work man, I was hoping you would do a Captain America Dessert storm look for Cap… I love that batman dessert stortm

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