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Hello ZBrush Community

In this video we will walk through a new feature found in ZBrush3.5R3. The new Visibility capability to grow and shrink your selection inside ZBrush will most definitely speed your workflow to level never before possible. This new feature is found in a new sub-palette in the Tool Palette at Tool>Visibility.

With this new feature it is extremely easy to split up a tool into multiple subtools to add more dynamic detail. In the video we will demo how to take a mesh that has several mesh shells with one polygroup and convert that mesh into multiple subtools by converting the multiple shells into multiple polygroups so that you may GroupSplit them into Subtools.

In the video you will also see how easy it is to select parts of a mesh now with a few keys strokes.

[flv:http://youtube.com/watch?v=wt-Rimg_cDM 640 480]

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  1. Nice tip! Is there a way to know if we have selected all the polygons in the shell? I can see issues if we were to only partially select a shell. Of course you could always add the missing pieces later but just a thought.

  2. Manoj

    There is no way to know if the whole shell has been selected. You would have to rotate around your shell but keep in mind you can just keep growing the selection. It will stop when there is nothing more to grow. Note: just hold down ctrl+shift+x instead of clicking x constantly while holding ctrl+shift.

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