Making Time for Art


Since the early days of ZBrush, we at Pixologic, have been continuously looking for ways in which we can advance ZBrush-features to a state which enables us, and you, to achieve new and previously-unattainable goals . In order to identify the features that need to be updated or invented, we use ZBrush the same way that you do, we use it to create art. These art-creation session are short, but yet, extremely effective. Occasionally we do get the opportunity to dedicate more time to a single project and see it through from concept-stage to final-stage. For myself, the past few days were one of these (eagerly awaited) occasions. During the previous week, ZBrush for Macintosh has entered its official beta-testings stages. I have taken this opportunity to spend time in ZBrush, more as an artists than a programmer. I am very pleased with the outcome of this session and would like to share with you a movie of the final ZBrush model. Images and details will be added at a later date.

I would like to thank all artists, for breathing passion, creativity, and ingenuity into their ZBrush creations, helping mold ZBrush into what it is today and will be tomorrow.


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