GroBoto v3 OS X Released — A great fit for ZBrush Artists


GroBoto is a modeling and automatic mesh creation tool featuring the sort of ease and creative freedom ZBrush Artists love. Its geometry consists of arrangements of simple primitives and parametric booleans — all editable in fluid real-time in a fully rendered workspace. 

GroBoto’s tools yield a broad spectrum of morphologies — from precise, hard-surface mech to wildly organic. GroBoto’s ‘SeamNet’ meshes are automatically generated (with optional smoothing/beveling). They contain multi-row edge loops that smoothly, precisely, track all primitive/boolean forms & intersections. The exported .OBJ files feature several poly-grouping options and special UV edge loop mapping specifically designed to support sculpting moves in ZBrush.

See Darrel Anderson’s ZBC thread at ZBrushCentral for dozens of examples, video links and tips & tricks. 

Right now, the ZBrush Community can band together to get a great discount on this amazing tool –
Details on the GroBoto Site.

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