Pixologic’s Sculptris – the 3D art tool for all ages!


Pixologic sponsors The “Ice Age” To the Digital Age: The 3D Animation Art of Blue Sky Studios at The Norman Rockwell Museum Massachusetts. The exhibition features work from Blue Sky Studios in films including Ice Age, Ice Age 2, Ice Age 2, Robots and more.

As part of the exhibition, Pixologic has provided the 3D sculpting program Sculptris for attendees of all ages to try their hand in 3D modeling and digital art creation –getting a feel for how characters and concepts for blockbuster movies might be made.

“It has been truly amazing to watch people use Sculptris over the past few days. Our visitors have been actively engaged with Sculptris since the exhibition opened. Adults and children alike are drawn to the program, and we hope that this level of interaction will help to educate and inspire the next generation of animation professionals.” – Corry Kanzenberg, Curator of Norman Rockwell Museum

Learn more about Scupltris HERE

“Ice Age” To The Digital Age: The 3D Animation Art of Blue Sky Studios Runs June 11 through October 31, 2011

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