ZBrush Interview: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

One of the oldest and most respected franchises in the gaming world, Deus Ex has long been awaiting a third installment. It’s here at last! Released on August 23, 2011 “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” has already garnered terrific praise from critics and even higher accolades from gamers. As an example, IGN gave the game a score of 9.0 which they classify as “amazing”. The player reviews on the same site give it a solid 10.

On an artistic front, the game has a very distinctive look that manages to be both realistic and stylized. It is a beautiful game with clever details everywhere you look. What’s more, since the story focuses on human augmentation (bionics) moving into the mainstream, the art team had to blend man with machine. It had to look high tech, yet because this story is actually a prequel to the previous games it also had to look more primitive than what has been seen in the past.

For this interview, we spoke with Sébastien Legrain — known here at ZBC as sebcesoir. He’s been an avid ZBrush user for a long time now and many of you will no doubt remember his The RiSiNG thread or phenomenal Projection Master tutorial. Always willing to share with the community, he was more than happy to talk about his team’s techniques as they tackled Deus Ex.

Read the interview HERE.

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