The End Of The World Starts In France


Be sure to check out the latest ZBrushCentral contest being held on the ZBC France website. The contest is open to all comers and takes the “End of The World” as its theme. Since the contest rules are published in French, here is a run down of the basics and what you can expect as guidelines.

1. Create an environment using ZBrush. The point of the contest is to generate as much of your piece inside ZBrush. In fact you should shy away from using other applications.

2. You are asked to post images of works in progress and think as epic as possible.

3. You can include characters inside your scene.

4. You can arrange your scene inside other applications. Again, the more you stay in ZBrush the greater your chances of winning the contest.

5. You should try to texture, paint and render inside ZBrush.

Lastly, the contest will end at midnight 12 a.m. on the 23rd of September 2012. No submissions will be accepted after 12 a.m. (France time). Once all submissions are in, the submitted work will go before the jury. The jury is composed of members from The Pixologic Team.

C’est la fin du monde!

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