55 New Online Classes from Gnomon


In their latest offering, the Gnomon School of Visual Effects is leaving nothing to chance. Fans and information thirsty artists will have access to a whopping 55 online courses! Course offerings range in topics dealing with everything from traditional art, to high-end computer graphics. Gnomon’s online classes are taught by some of the most relevant industry artists working today. Take this rare opportunity to learn topics like, Creature Modeling and Character Modeling in ZBrush first hand from the likes of Scott Spencer and Mark Dedecker. You can find a full list of ZBrush classes by visiting the school’s website.

The Gnomon School of Visual Effects is known the world over for its commitment to providing the highest educational resources to students from around the world. With a campus situated here in Hollywood, you can bet students are rubbing shoulders with the best in the business. If you can’t make it out to the campus don’t worry, these latest additions to their online learning resources will keep you busy. Remember, they also offer a myriad of DVDs under the moniker of the Gnomon Workshop.

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