Mastering Human Anatomy in ZBrush


Achieving believable human forms stems from a strong understanding of anatomy. Join master sculptors Andrew Cawrse and Kris Kosta, for this once in a lifetime opportunity as they take you deeper into the complexities of making sense of the human form.

The workshop is broken down into four days filled with intense ZBrush anatomical exploration. Think of it as a guided tour into the world of the human anatomy by some of the best in the business. On day one and two, they’ll dive into topics like construction, pose, and proportion. In day three and four, shoulders, upper and lower limbs and hands and feet come under investigation.

Visit Anatomy Tools homepage for high quality anatomical resources. For more on Kris Costa aka Antropus on the ZBrushCentral forum, stop in at his user gallery or personal website.

Sign up here and take your anatomy skills to new heights!

See you all there!

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