Making of an Olaf Disney Infinity Figure

Olaf Lead In

Disney Infinity figures and their accompanying games are immensely popular and are a shining example of the versatility of 3D technology. The small figures represent your favorite Disney characters and unlock special content to compatible Disney Infinity game titles when connected to your gaming system. It makes for a fun way to make collectibles functional and all the more reason to collect more and more! Here is a short video that is part of Disney’s ‘Boxed’ series which details the creation of Infinity figures from beginning to end. It begins with concept creation by a 2D artist followed by 3D sculpting in ZBrush, 3D printing and finally, hand painting.

Watch the video below, featuring Pixologic friend and ZBrush artist for Disney Infinity Shane Olsen!


Also, be sure to watch Disney Interactive’s presentation at the 2015 ZBrush Summit featuring Shane Olsen from the above video and Matt Thorup!

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