ZBrushCentral Highlights January 4-8

Jan 4 Lead In

Here are the top ZBrushCentral  posts for the first week of 2016! Click the image to read the full thread and learn about the piece and the artist who created it!

Hmens blog

Come check out some of the characters created by ZBrushCentral member ‘Hmens!’ This mech/robotic model is just one of several great concepts!

Lemmy blog

Here is a tribute to the late great Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead by ZBrushCentral member Guzz Soares. Nice work!

Bunny blog

This is Bunny Girl, a new realtime character sculpt by Raphael Perroni based on a concept by artist “S SB.” Check out more of the model here

Tigre blog

Have we mentioned what a great tool ZBrush is for jewelry design? Of course we have! Check out what ZBrushCentral user Ylog has been creating for Atelier Angheluta Jewellery

 Close blog

ZBrushCentral member Hossein Diba has shared some of his amazing character sculpts from past projects! Click here to see more like this one!

Ogre blog

New ogre creature creation by Pavel Protasov sculpted in ZBrush and rendered in KeyShot. Nicely done!

Troll 2 blog

The latest work by Gilberto Magno featuring this troll character is based on the art of ArcheAge. See shots of the model in ZBrush here!

Male blog

Do you guys like free stuff? If so, Reza Abedi has provided a free download for this male anatomy model he sculpted! Click here 

 GoT Dragon blog

Stop by and have a look at ZBrushCentral member IlusionDigital’s recent works. This dragon was created for Invictus Designs 

 Colors blog

This stylish, futuristic cyborg gangster was sculpted by ZBrushCentral member Cédric Séaut. Welcome to the Top Row! Click for more 

 Pun blog

Come see more of the Punisher model Marcellus Barnes sculpted to create this awesome fan art cover! Top Row for this one. 

 Superman blog

Top Row! Superman sculpt by Daniel Bel designed for 1/4 scale 3D printed statues! Click for more shots, plus a guide for the hair

Warchief blog

Top Row post by Rodrigo Gonçalves based on concepts by Gilles Ketting. This is The Warchief! Click for a a detailed breakdown!

  Brock blog

More Top Row work! This piece by Eduardo Oliver is fan art of Brock Samson from Venture Bros. It comes to us with a breakdown you can view here

Hand Featured Artists like Jonathan Shaller are using ZBrush for more than just art. Read about the inspiring phenomenon of 3D printed prosthetics here

Affleck blog

Ben Affleck likeness by ZBrushCentral member Vimal Kerketta. Great work! Click here for more likenesses by Vimal

Samurai 2 blog

New work from ZBrushCentral member FourRock: The Samurai. Excellent job! See alternate renders here 

TWD blog

Walking Dead fan art featuring Daryl Dixon. Sculpted by Chen Chien Jung in ZBrush. Impressive piece all around! Have a closer look here

Breath blog

Check out some of the new work by Izabela Zelmanska. Fantastic facial expressions! More in the thread here

Mechs blog

Steve Talkowski has been experimenting with ZSpheres and has created a collection of cool bots! See the full thread here

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