ZBuilder Plugin Simplifies Character Creation in ZBrush

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Tsvetomir Georgiev has released a powerful new plugin for enhancing the way human characters are made in ZBrush. ZBuilder V2 makes it easy for you to quickly morph, pose and render a character using a series of adjustable parameters affecting the included models via morph targets!

Learn more about the plugin in the video below and visit the ZBrushCentral thread to find out how you can get the plugin for yourself!

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  1. I tired to purchase this plugin on line but the ‘secure access’ processing of my card did not seem to work. would still like to purchase but need a workaround. or direct contact with the company.
    thank you

  2. I was wondering if you were ever able to buy this plug-in. I went to the pay site and it looked sketchy to me. I really like the looks plug-in and wouldn’t mind gambling on it if I felt secure at the site.

  3. I just purchased this plugin from gumroad and am really impressed so far. It adds many of the morphing controls found in DAZ 3D and Poser models, eliminating the need to export those files to Zbrush.
    I have gotten a couple of insufficient memory errors but after disregarding them the plugin continues to finish its work on the model just fine.
    Be sure to heed the warnings not to click any buttons until the program finishes it’s work .
    This definitely speeds up character creation. Thanks for creating this plugin 🙂

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