Draw Break Event is Exposing Mexico City to CG

With the continuous growth of the CG industry, we are seeing not only an increase in the quality of digital artwork but a growing demand for talented artists to fulfill roles in industries including film, games, product design and more. Along with the increasing demand for talent comes an increasing need for education and artistic community events to encourage discovery and adoption of the latest digital tools. In countries around the world, it is usually an artist or group of artists that first recognize the increasing number of artists and creators in search of where to go next. This is how events like Draw Break are usually born.

In 2016, Oscar Amador created Draw Break, an illustration based event in Mexico City. The event includes live demos, lectures master classes and a live contest in both 2D and 3D. Draw Break 4 was held this April and has shown considerable growth since its beginning.

According to Amador, the majority of Draw Break attendees are students looking to learn more about the industry.

(knowlege of the industry) needs to grow more. Just a few people know about it and what it’s like to work in the industry. Most of them studied in another country and return to share that knowledge in Mexico

In addition to the live demos, workshops and master classes, artists who attend get the chance to participate in portfolio reviews and meet other artists from multiple industries and hear their stories. Companies and studios can even set up booths to share their work and product offerings.

Events like Draw Break are critical in exposing aspiring professionals to industry culture and learning new technology they may not have learned in school. As a result, ZBrush is gradually being adopted by universities in Mexico as part their graphic design and animation programs due to the increasing demand for it in professional pipelines. For many, Draw Break was the first place they were exposed to tools like ZBrush and what it can do for their career.

The pro artists who attend the event teach how it is to work in the industry. The audience gets inspired to learn more and set up a goal like working in film, cames or creating their own studio

Learn more about Draw Break and find out when it will be happening next at the official website www.drawbreak.net

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