Welcome to the ZBrush family! Which version is for you?

ZBrush - Our flagship product and the industry standard for 3D sculpting. If you want everything that ZBrush has to offer then this is for you!

ZBrushCore - Our lighter version, powerful and easy to use but with fewer features. This is for artists who want a stand-alone 3D sculpting app that packs a punch but don't need all the features of the full version.

ZBrushCoreMini - Simple and fun, 3D sculpting for anyone. If you are completely new to 3D and want to see if digital sculpting is for you, or just want to mess around, this is a great way to start. And it's completely free for non-commercial use!

ZBrush 2022

The all-in-one digital sculpting solution.

ZBrush 2022 - Available Now.






  • Rebills every year
  • on the same calendar day



  • One time cost
  • Never Expires
  • Single & Volume
ZBrushCore 2022

3D Starts here.

Available Now.



  • Automatically rebills every month
  • on the same calendar day.
  • Non-refundable. Cancel any time.
Your ZBrushCore subscription will continue unless canceled. You can of course keep that subscription active if you wish to still use ZBrushCore after moving up to ZBrush. But if you no longer wish to be billed for it, you must cancel before the rebill date.

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Experience 3D with no Commitment

Enjoy a true ZBrush experience as you take your first steps into the exciting world of digital sculpting with ZBrushCoreMini... completely free for non-commercial use.