ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Arturo Balseiro

ZBrushCentral username: DHARMAESTUDIO

Creative director of Dharma Estudio Lurked friend Turntable 1 My interesting on that piece was made an humaniod alien. In order to do that I used the human mesh that Zbrush page give free.. When I had the principal a beand secundary shapes I retoplogized the model for a better shapes now because I had a big stressed areas on neck and back of the head. After that I begang all the detaills, this is what I think Zbrush is really magic. I used the alphas to make big  wrinkles features. Over that I used alphas I made on photoshop to made the pore textures. Finally I made the polypainting on the piece. I used customed photoshop alphas for painting too. Goblin Turntable 2 About the "goblin" except I used a mesh I made with Zspheres, I made a mesh without loops for eyes or mouth, I made a as simple mesh as posible. I begang to sculpt every feature and when I had the 4th level OK, I made a retoplogy and continue the detaills. the biggest problem was the ears that was very large and had very streshed poligons from the first mesh. EMail: dharmaestudio@gmail.com Website: www.dharmaestudio.com
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