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Atilla Ceylan

ZBrushCentral username: A.CEYLAN

YAKUZA Turntable 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 I created this bad boy in Thomas Mahler's Character Creation Workshop he held in Games College Vienna (Austria). The Workshop lasted about 2 months (2 units a week) and our main goal was to create a TF2 (Team Fortress) stylized character. After collecting all the references I needed, I started with the blocking process. Creating a base mesh in Maya with a nice silhouette, gesture and blending proportions. Once the block out was done, I stepped into the beauty of character creation - Digital Sculpting with ZBrush! Having funny proportions for a comic-stylized character wasn't enough for me, so I decided to give him this specific, unique look he has now. - Step 1 - I first sculpted some muscles with Clay Tubes. - Step 2 - Then I defined the 'hard edges' with the Standard Brush - Step 3 - I used the Flatten Brush to straighten the large areas !! Hint !! While flatting out an area, change the perspective so that you are looking down at it - Step 4 - At last I pinched the 'hard edges' and smoothed out some ugly areas Next to the sculpt, I had some technical processes to do like retopology, uv-layout and baking of normal- and occlusion maps. I finished the character by texturing it by using ZBrush's Projection Master and ZAppLink and posed him with the very efficient tool Transpose Master. ARTIST'S PROFILE My name is Atilla Ceylan. I'm a 25 year old cg artist specialized on characters. Currently I live in Vienna, Austria. In 2007 I started my education in Games College Vienna and going to finish it this month (June 2009). In those 2 years I've learned pretty much everything in creating production ready 3D arts for video games and cinematics. So far I had an internship for 2 months at Lemonaut Creations (http://www.lemonaut.at/lcog/) who are mainly oriented in the commercial and game industry and I've also done some freelance assignments for other game companies who are located in Austria. Email: ceylan_atilla@hotmail.com   Website: !!Under Construction!!
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