ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Augusto Venturi

ZBrushCentral username: guti

Kaneda Turntable 1, 2 Tigerman Turntable 3 Iron Fist Turntable 4 Martian Insect Turntable 5, 6 Shaun Turntable 7, 8 Spawn Turntable 9, 10 ARTIST PROFILE I have started using ZBrush just for hobby... I always liked the 3D graphic, and ZBrush has made it possible to create the most beautiful 3D model with the simplicity of drawing. As a hobbyist I've participated with luck to some contests around some very interesting CG Italians forum (www.CharactersForum.com and www.ZBrushCentral.it). After some years of use as a hobbyist and as a self-educated on sculpting, pushed by people around me, I recently started to work as a freelance artist. If someone like can read some about my works on my website at www.nonacaso.net. Email: gutai@nonacaso.net Website: www.nonacaso.net
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