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Ben Davis

ZBrushCentral username: MANTEGRA

NIGHTMARE This model was my entry into the Dominance War IV game art competition. It is my most complicated and detailed model to date. I have never really modeled anything entirely organic before so I decided to challenge myself. I modeled a rough 3D blockout in 3DSmax and then took it into zbrush and just kept on refining the sculpture until I felt it was satisfactory. I used a combination of alphas from the gnomon gallery and ones that I created myself in order to give this creature some texture to its skin. Zbrush allowed me to push the details of this model to the extreme. PSYCHOTIK This model was my entry into the Pixologic Action Hero contest. I first modeled a rough 3D blockout in 3DSmax and then took it into zbrush to pose. I used Transpose Master to get the right pose I wanted then sculpted it in zbrush. After all the sculpting was done I then painted him in zbrush and applied some different shaders in order to differentiate the characters various materials. It was the first time I used polypaint and I learnt a lot of new techniques in order to bring the best out of this sculpture. ARTIST'S PROFILE I have been working in the game industry now for over 5 years. When I first got into digital sculpting I first started using mudbox however I found that it was quite limited in what it could do. I then decided to try zbrush and discovered how versatile this program was and what I could accomplish with it. I am primarily interested in creating monsters, creatures and things out of the ordinary. I am always looking for new ways to push my modeling skills and found zbrush allows me to create things that I never thought could be done until now. Zbrush is the most versatile and advanced 3D sculpting package on the market today. Things that weren't possible 10 years ago are now possible with the help of zbrushes tools. Zbrush has allowed me to keep pushing my skills and there is always something new I learn about the program everyday that I didn't think was possible. The zbrush community is very strong and I really appreciate the time and dedication the developers make to always keep updating the community website with new plugins, tools and other cool additions. Zbrush is my favourite software modeling package and I cannot think of any other way I could do the things I do now without it. I really enjoy using zbrush and I know that it will become a mainstay for 3D artists for many years to come. Email: mantegra@gmail.com   Website: http://mantegra.cgsociety.org/gallery/
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