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Bruno Tornisielo

ZBrushCentral username: TORNISIELO

CASSIDY In this model I started with ZSphere, for another subtools, I made the base for Jacket, eyeglasses, tongue and teeths in XSI, all the modeling and details was made in ZBrush.   ARTISTI'S PROFILE I graduated in Computer science in 2007, in begining of my university I started to be interesting in 3D computer art and then, begin study 3d by my self. In 2008 and 2009 i direct my study to 3d modeling, doing courses of XSI and Zbrush. I had been working as a free lancer about 2 years from now in modeling area, using Maya, XSI and especially Zbrush. I dream about work in Games Industrie and Action Figure  THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH For me Zbrush is the best tool for modeling. Email: bruno_tornisielo@hotmail.com   Website: www.brunotornisielo.wordpress.com
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