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Carsten Holtmann

ZBrushCentral username: CARSTEN

SOLDIER Turntable 1, 2, 3 This one is my first character, posed in zbrush. The transpose master is very helpful, to get this stuff done. The figure is already 3dprinted and is still in use for presentations. FEM SNIPER Turntable 4, 5, 6 This one was fun to work, because i used some insane details on some of the subtools.A glove for example has up to 8 million polys, a boot has about 9 million polygons. WILLIS Turntable 7 This one is likeness exercise, i used the zapplink for texturing. Since the polycount is high enough, i use polypaint.There is no texturemap used. SEAN Turntable 8 This one is likeness exercise, i used the basemesh of my "Last Knight" which could be found in the Zbrushgallery at zbrushcentral.com. I just wanted to improve the model. EASTWOOD Turntable 9, 10, 11 I allways start with a uvwmaped basemesh in 3dsMax. After importing the basemesh in Zbrush, i use only 2-3 subdivision levels at start, so i have more control over the global shape. To sculpt the main features of a face or object, i use the standart brush, smooth brush, move brush and sometimes the clay tubes brush, when i start to sculpt hairstyles. If i need more details, i often use the slash2 brush for sharp edges and the stitch brushes for seams. I have some downloded brushes that where made by Selwy and Ryan Kingsley. I can only recomment to download them, it¥s great fun to work with! Eastwood is an icon so it was fun to create likeness. ALIEN Turntable 12, 13 I started to do some kind of alien or demon. At first, i did not know what it would look like. It was a very creative process. Zbrush is a strong tool if it comes to free sculpting. You can change the look at any design stage, if you use the layer features. ARTIST"S PROFILE My name is Carsten Holtmann.I currently am employed by Synetic, as lead 3dArtist. I¥m in CarRacing Games for 14 years now. I also do some charactermodeling in my spare time.I use Zbrush since Version 2.0 and i love it! Email: choltmann@gmx.de   Website: Http://carstenh.cgsociety.org/about/
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