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ZBrushCentral username: CHRIS_BRAND

DR. OOOND - THE KORE GANG Turntable 1, 2 It where supposed to be only a bust but ended up being a complete character. I started out with ZSpheres, used the Image Plane plugin to help me with proportions during blocking phase. Since ZSpheres are so easy to adjust I was able to try multiple poses before I found the one I liked. As this model started out being just a bust, I had to do some remodeling which included transferring the current geometry to a new mesh. I did that by creating and applying a displacement. The rest of the model was pretty much business as usual. In the end, the creator of the game from which the character is from wanted a 3d-printout of this character. Conveniently I used the DecimationMaster to lower the poly count and 3D Print Exporter plugin for that. NIKE - BE TRANSFORMED AD Turntable 3, 4, 5, This is a model used in a Nike commercial I did for Zoink Animations. I started out using a very low poly mesh I did in Maya to get the size and proportions correct since it’s a model of an existing shoe. I used a lot of alphas to get all the seams and small details in place, and all that was done in Zbrush. Since the shoe was going to be animated I had to do a new topology which was all done in Zbrush as well. You were never really supposed to see that amount of detail on the shoe in the commercial. But as production progressed and the commercial got slightly altered the current amount of detail was needed. MARVISH Turntable 6, 7 From the beginning, this was supposed to be an exact model of Marv from Sin City. But as the model progressed, I chose to add some personal touches like a new haircut, wounds and so on. So in the end, I ended up with this model. Kind of fun since this wasn’t what it first was supposed to look like. I used a generic head I had in storage with very few polys to start blocking out the overall shape and silhouette of the head. I continued with subdividing the mesh, adding detail, subdividing, adding detail… The final amount of details, like pores, tinier hair where all added with the help of textures. ARTIST'S PROFILE I am currently working in the game industry full time. Like many of my colleagues I also have a company on the side where I do a lot of freelance work for movies, television, ads, commercials etc. Email: christopher@brandstrom.as   Website: http://www.badrobots.se
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