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Christopher McCabe

ZBrushCentral username: IZZE

SABINE Turntable 1 For the Sabine model I started in XSI and retopologized in Max 2010. The hair was sculpted mainly with the Clay brush. Working back to front. Building up layers over the top of each other. After level 4 or 5 subdivisions, I used Reproject Higher Sub which cleaned up the poly flow pretty well. This was the first project where I had to sculpt rocks. Vibol Moeung's tutorial put it all into perspective and the new Planar Cut brush worked like a charm. I exported to 3.1 and used Decimation Master to render in XSI. JAR-JAR Turntable 2, 3 This was my first attempt with Zsphere's II. I think I am now addicted to them. I retopologized in Max, and rendered in XSI. Textures are polypaint. MASTER OOGWAY Turntable 4 I modeled and rigged this in XSI. I used Zbrush on every piece of geometry. The DamStandard brush was used frequently. I used Vector displacement when rendering in XSI. ARTIST'S PROFILE I graduated from the Vancouver Film School in 2008. And accepted a position as lead modeler with 3 Dart LLC. Located in Pennsylvania. I try to be constantly working on a personal projects in my spare time, in which I like to use: XSI, Zbrush, 3dsMax. Much more can be seen on my website www.christopher-mccabe.com THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I have been using Zbrush for about 5 years now. I found it as the most artistically friendly application to use. And, as they years progressed, it became more and more friendly. Now with the new Zspheres makes it possible to start creating work right out of the gate. Email: christopher@christopher-mccabe.com   Website: http://www.christopher-mccabe.com
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