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Dan Moore

ZBrushCentral username: BIGD17

SPIDERMANE This Spiderman was inspired by the cover of Sensational Spiderman #38 by Clayton Crain. The main body was modelled using ZSpheres with hands and props being modelled in Maya. It is a model I have been wanting to do for ages as I am a huge fan of both Spiderman and Clayton Crain. WOLVERINE   This is a version of Wolverine inspired by an image in Ultimates 3 by Joe Madureira. It originally started out as a random head doodle from ZSpheres and then just grew from there, blocking in some bits of the base mesh in XSI. I never intended to add a colour texture but ended up poly painting the mesh as the whole thing evolved. Website: www.danmoore3d.com
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