ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Daniel Florin Matei

ZBrushCentral username: MATEI

BARONESS Turntable 1, 2 Made for G.I. JOE challenge on CGHUB. AFROMAN Turntable 3 For hair I used the displace brush with alpha 23 and the displace brush with color spray stroke and alpha 23. And I played with z intensity. CREATURE Turntable 4 This creature is made entirely in Zbrush, starting from zsfere, for a Zbrush modeling and texturing tutorial that I work on. The concept is one of JORDU SCHELL's. KAAN Turntable 5 Inspired from Abara manga. DM100 Turntable 6 I made this one inspired from Tsutomu Nihei's work. ARTIST'S PROFILE I am in the CG Industry for about five years now. I started working for a small firm with an ambitious project (sadly, not a very successful one) – a 3D animation movie. There I was modeling and texturing objects and movie characters. After that I worked for some outsourcing company in Gaming Industry as next-gen Character Artist and Texture Artist using Maya and ZBrush. Duties included modeling and texturing to likeness based on reference. Presently I work for Ubisoft Romania as Character Artist. I worked on projects like: HAWX, SILENT HUNTER V, RED STEEL 2, (MMORPG) HEROES OF TELARA Trion World Network, MERCENARIES 2, SABOTEUR , etc. ZBrush is such an amazing software. Revolutionary and resourceful, becomes more impressive each day. It can keep up with the wildest imagination and you certainly can never be bored! “Happy ZBrushing” to you all! Email: mateidanielflorin@yahoo.com
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