ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Fabien Yorgandjian

ZBrushCentral username: FABIEN-Y

MINOTAUR Turntable 1 I start this one without any idea of what it will looks like at the end. Starting with a base mesh done in maya and sculpting in ZBrush, using the transpose tool to break the symetry. IGUANA Turntable 2 The Iguana was created as an exercice for me to learn the alphas process. I started with a basmesh done in maya, then sculpt in Zbrush, add the details with custom alphas and finaly pose it with the transpose tool. THE THING Turntable 3 This one was just for fun, wanted to create one of the fantastic 4. Basemesh in maya, sculpt in ZB the basic shape, add all the rock in a long modeling process and finaly add details with alpha. MAN Turntable 4 Speed sculpt to practice my anatomy lessons. Basemesh in maya, sculpt in ZB, transpose, the ultimate combo for me. HELLBOY Turntable 5 Probably my favorite comics character. Speed sculpt for fun and practise anatomy. Mostly use the clay and smooth brushes, for the hair the slash2 with custom alpha is great for me. HEAD First time of modeling a realistic head with photo references. The move tool is amazing !! Email: fabien.yorgandjian@gmail.com   Website: http://f.yorgandjian.free.fr/
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