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Fabrizio Bortolussi

ZBrushCentral username: DIGITALFREAKY

TOOTH FAIRY sculpted it with my friend Dominic Qwek (artist at Blizzard). Base mesh in Maya. CREEPY ALIEN sculpted it from just a 3D sphere entirely in Zbrush HELL PIG base mesh in Maya, sculpted in Zbrush and textured in Photoshop. Shared the work with my friend Jeremy Chinn (Rythms & Hues lead modeler) ARTIST'S PROFILE My name is Fabrizio Bortolussi known as "Digitalfreaky" on Zbrushcentral. I'm 25 years old and was born in Venice, Italy. Right now I live in Tokyo where I work as a freelance creature designer, maquette sculptor and photographer. I started working as a clay sculptor and traditional artist (oil paintings, pencil drawings and sculptures). When I got 17 old I entered in the CGI world and I started working at the age of 18 in Italy, in a small studio called High Resolution. At the time I was just using Maya for doing industrial design. After I finished my contract in that studio I discovered and starting to use Zbrush (thanks to Taron & Glen Southern) and immediately fell in love with it. So I tried the demo and got addicted to it like I am with traditional sculpting. Zbrush now is my main tool for professional work (that includes films, commercials and even photography) and I wouldn't be able to live without it!! I use it everyday, even for just doodling some creature heads. It became like part of my life :D A few years ago I was working in Production IG (the japanese studio who did Ghost in the shell and the anime sequence in Kill Bill)as the creature director and showed the power of Zbrush directly to the owner of the studio. After a few days he had a copy of it for every computer and got in love with it as well. I also use it with my photography work. I believe that without zbrush even my life wouldn't be the same!! No kidding!   Website: http://www.closetherift.com/test/
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