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Frank Tzeng

ZBrushCentral username: Frank_Tzeng

Zé Ramalho's Caricature Turntable 1 This took me 7 days to finish (2days sculpting, 5 days rendering). It was based on a concept by Tiago_Hoisel. For this character I started by making a bust base mesh in 3DS Max. The rest was done in Zbrush. A lot of people ask me what brushes I use especially for wrinkles, and my usual answers are Standard, Claytubes, Inflat, and Dam Standard. These brushes really helped me to get that realistic texture. Lord Watanabe Turntable 2, 3 This is a 5 day character model that I created based on a concept from my good friend, Patrick Ballesteros. I modeled this character from a base mesh that I created in Zbrush using just Zspheres. The Zsphere tool is the tool I use the most. It makes it so easy to create something organic. I made the armor on top using the Extract tool and Shadowbox. Then I retopoed the character and polypainted, finishing it off by posing him with Transpose Master. The best part about modeling characters for me is the detailing because it really makes me feel like I’m bringing my characters to life. The old Saxophone performer Turntable 4 This was a 1week project I did for one of my classes. I modeled my base mesh in 3Ds Max first before importing it into Zbrush. I retopoed then posed him using Transpose Master. Sci-Fi Soldier Turntable 5, 6 This project took me 2 weeks completely in Zbrush for modeling and detailing. It started as a study in human anatomy using an old bust base mesh. I then found myself adding clothes and armor on top which led to a helmet, power glove, and gun. The most interesting part of this project was the sci-fi equipment. All the Clip brushes in Zbrush really helped me for hard surface modeling because it saved me a lot of time. ARTIST'S PROFILE I am a freelance character artist from Taiwan currently taking classes at The Art Institute of California-Orange County and Gnormon. I have a huge enthusiasm for films and games and have found my passion in 3d character modeling, sculpting, and concepting. My favorite character types are usually very organic or stylized, such as creatures, cartoons, and some sci-fi. Right now I’m open for some freelance work as I work towards graduation in the summer of 2012. Email: franktzeng@yahoo.com Website: www.franktzeng-art.com   Comments on ZBrush: Zbrush is the most important program that I use in my work. It’s an amazing piece of software that gives me the freedom to design, sculpt, detail, color, pose …do whatever I want as a character artist. I think Zbrush really brought the 3D world to the next level so I must thank Pixologic for giving me the tools to really bring to life the work I am passionate about.
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