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Henrique Naspolini

ZBrushCentral username: HENRIQUEDW

RHINNOX Turntable 1 This model I started from a human basemesh, and with transpose I did the initial proportions that I wanted. Then I rebuild the topology to have a clean mesh and start adding details. For those I used brushes like standart, inflate, clay tube and morph. the "project all" feature was very important as well. T-REX Turntable 2 I started from zspheres to build basemesh and basic shape using an image as reference with image plane plugin. After some sculpt and polish, again with zspheres I remade the topology for better mesh flow. Then was time for little details, using a lot of alphas but also by hand sculpting. GOBLIN MELEE ARMOR Turntable 3 On this model, the enjoyable thing was doing most of the subtools from a cube. I could give desired shapes to it by using move and flatten brushes mostly. ARTIST'S PROFILE I’m a self taught artist from Brazil, specialized in 3d modeling, organic and hard surface, digital sculpting and texturing for game projects. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and very  passionate about 3d modeling and games development. Currently I’m working for Ignition Entertainment (Florida,US) as 3d Artist. But also, I have worked on side projects. Zbrush is a powerful software that makes the 3d artist work better and fun. The features to add details and adjust proportions are great. Email: henriquedw@gmail.com   Website: henriquedw.wordpress.com
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