ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Zou Chaowei / Isaac Zou

2009 Turntable Gallery Contest Winner

ZBrushCentral username: ISSAC ZOU

BRAVE GOBLIN This character’s prototype is from a sketch of blizzard. I change it a little bit and sculpt it into 3D, Maya is used for build a very basic mesh, and send to ZBrush to sculpt. Then I used move tool to make a pose for it. Finally I saved several screen shot with different material in ZBrush and composed them in Photoshop; it’s a quick way to make your work vivid. Process of sculpting: http://www.vi91.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Process.wmv Turntable preview: http://www.vi91.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Turntable02.wmv SCULPT FOR FUN An interesting monster head DAVID SCULPTURE - EXERCISE Just an exercise I did 1 year ago. ARTIST'S PROFILE I’m an artist in China and working full time in a game company. I also make some work for adv, game characters, ZBrush modeling and etc in my part time. I’ve used ZBrush for more than 4 years. ZBrush is the best tool that let artists pour out their imagination and emotion. And I like dig into technical as well. I would like to network, fell free to send me email. Email: isaaczou@gmail.com   Website: http://wisby.blog.163.com - http://www.vi91.com
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