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Jamie Wood

ZBrushCentral username: TWOCATS

BANNOCKBURN CLASH The project is based on an important moment in Scottish history, as King Robert the Bruce clashes with the English knight Sir Henry De Bohun at the battle of Bannockburn. I began the project using ZSpheres to block out a simple man and horse base. Once refined, I was then able to use the 3D layer capabilities and the transpose tools to pose the different characters on several layers. I could then continue to sculpt on the neutral poses and the added detail propagated through the layers. On several occasions I used ZBrush’s excellent retopology tools to keep my meshes neat and flowing nicely. I also used ZBrush in the texturing stages of my project. I found the method of blocking out areas of color with the poly painting tools and then exporting the maps convenient and time saving. I found using the combination of subtools and 3D layers enjoyable to work with and they were essential to the organization of my project. ARTIST'S PROFILE I come from a fine art background, studying painting in my undergraduate degree in Scotland. Last year I decided to make the transition into 3D based on my love for films and video games. I already feel at home working creatively on the computer and really enjoyed my time studying at Bournemouth University. Having just graduated I am no looking to break into the 3D industry, preferably as a modeler. THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I think ZBrush is simply the most artist friendly software on the market. I used to love to peruse the ZBrush forums because the program seems to encourage the most wonderful creative works of art. I only began using it a few months prior to this project but am looking forward to being part of the ZBrush community for years to come. Email: jamiewoodart@gmail.com   Website: www.jamiewoodart.com
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