ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Jerry Groschke

ZBrushCentral username: lazy noob

Davy Jones Turntable 1 This model is based on artwork by Tiago Hoisel! For the creation of this character, I used ZBrush DynaMesh feature for the first time. This feature is really great to make sculpts from a simple sphere to a high resolution model. DynaMesh is fast, easy and gives artists freedom to do what is in mind in one nice workflow. To paint that model I used ZBrush PolyPainting with alphas, for lightning I used Lightcap system for the first time as well and I love it! Sir Alfred Hitchcock Turntable 2 I began my work on this model from a concept that was born in my mind. I have loved the Hitchcock Films for a long time; ever since I saw the movie "The Birds." I created this model ready for 3d print and started my sculpting session from simple base meshes. This model is completely produced in ZBrush 4. ARTIST'S PROFILE I am a character artist from Berlin/Germany. I specialize in character creation, modeling for rapid prototyping, toys, collectables and much more. Aviable for sculpting or modeling Email:  mail@jerrygroschke.de Website: www.jerrygroschke.de THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH ZBrush is the most powerful tool for creating 3D works. Pixologic's ZBrush breaks all barriers, gives me freedom in my creative work process and allows me to bring my ideas to real life. The incredible working speed and the possibility of highest quality 3D models takes ZBrush to the number one on 3D Software Market.
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