ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Johan Lorentzen

ZBrushCentral username: Belltann

The Fist Turntable 1 The goal was to do a hand studie, so I thought that my closed fist would be ace to do. I took a simple hand-mesh I've done in maya, then used transpose to positioning the fingers so they looked good. I finished the look of the first level of detail, and didn't go up in level until i was really happy with the one I was working on. After 12 hours it was done. The Mole Turntables 2 and 3 Decided to see how much work I could do in a weekend and this is the result. Simple workflow really, made the basemesh in maya, uvs in uvlayout and then straight into doing the details in ZBrush. I used the mirror function on the feet, sword and holster. The really good thing about ZBrush is that if you do a nice mesh (for games) then you can just build the details on that. So if there are changes being made later in production, you can just change the ztool and the ingame mesh will follow. When I do skin I build it up in layers. First I create a new layer, go over the whole character with one kind of alpha (big creases etc), then I start over on another layer with a different kind of alpha (smaller creases, pores etc). After a couple of layers you often get a quite nice result and if you want to tone down one sort of detail then you just tone down that layer. Brilliant!
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