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Josh Herman

ZBrushCentral username: HUNGRIESTHIPPO

GOBLIN DUDE Turntable 1, 2 All of my pieces are made in primarily ZBrush. I don't like to have to go back and forth between software, it can really throw you out of a "zone". I like to start with really simple geometry that I import from Maya or 3DS max. Nearly everything starts out as a cube, then is retopo'ed if necessary. With my goblin character, all of the renders for the final image were just screenshots from ZBrush that were comped together in Photoshop. Never having to go into another package to render is extremely powerful! HUANTE Turntable 3 JOKER Turntable 4 MUMMY Turntable 5 ARTIST'S PROFILE I am a huge comic book and video game nerd. I love movies, 80's music, and I'm a pretty big fan of college football. I was born in Dallas, Texas but moved to Littleton, Colorado when i was young. I went to a school in Colorado to learn about VFX, one of those ones that you see ads for on late night TV and knew it was where i wanted to be. Unfortunately, the school itself wasn't all i thought it would be so I started buying tutorial DVD's some of which were from Gnomon. After I found out they were a school, I applied and was lucky enough to get accepted. I finished my degree and packed up my things and moved out to Hollywood. Since then I've tried to learn as much as I can while still maintaining a focus for what i want my career to be. I'm heavily inspired by comics, and movies like Alien, Predator, and other creature movies. I love making monsters or aliens, or comic type characters. But i like making the occasional robot too. I just finished up school at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in December. I completed the High End CG program with a focus in character modeling. I will be starting work at Legacy FX next year and am super excited to get into some real work, especially at a place where most of my favorite movies were made! THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH ZBrush is the most artist friendly software on the market. It makes it so easy to stay in one program, or rarely have to leave. Email: hungriesthippo@gmail.com   Website: www.hungriesthippo.com
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