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Khurram Hamid Alavi

ZBrushCentral username: KHALAVI

ZARTAN Creation: I've used Zbrush in every aspect of production of this piece. Right from the base mesh to the individual metal parts etc.For sculpting I'e used the standard, inflat, dam standard and claytubes brush coupled with stenciling and alphas for detailing. I loved how easy it was to sculpt at high resolutions while maintaining stability with all subtools. It makes the creation process so much more rewarding to be able to see your sculpt at fuill resolution and improve it form there. DHALSIM Done entirely within Zbrush 3.5 with 'post' work in photoshop this piece was created for the aim of studying flexible and exaggerated anatomy. The character Dhalsim proved to be an ideal choice for this study. It was a challenge to pose him considering how flexible he is. The tricky bit was to maintain the volume of his bones the entire time. I had alot fun in bringing this piece together. It was a great learning experience! ARTIST'S PROFILE I am a Graphic Design/Illustration student who has taken a bold step into the world of 3D back in 2004. Since then I have been specializing in digital sculpture, art direction and overall direction of animated content.        I am presently working for Trango Interactive, Islamabad in Pakistan as a CG artist but also freelance as a character sculptor and illustrator as well. THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH Honestly... I owe it to Zbrush to be even be able to work successfully in the 3D industry! I've always found 3D softwares to be extremely technical and mathematical but with Zbrush's intuitive approach I have been able to excel and improve myself to heights I couldn't have imagine! Zbrush is a great tool and I can't imagine surviving in this world without it. Keep working your magic Pixologic! Email: khalavi@gmail.com   Website: http://leviathon.cgsociety.org/gallery/
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