ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Kursad Karatas

ZBrushCentral username: Kursadk

I personally think that ZBrush is a crazy piece of software. Everytime I think about ZBrush and its possibilities  my mind goes into infinite loop. No software application that has been released or will be released soon can come close to ZBrush. It just has its own place and mind which I enjoy the most. Some people think about Zbrush as a sculpting tool which is true, but I would like to think  that Zbrush is  a great art medium that offers many tools inside. About the Artist: I am a professional cg artist. I have worked for various games, films, theme rides etc. At the moment I am working as a freelance artist.  I have been in 3d industry since late 1996. So I might be considered an oldie. I have started modelling and rendering with Real3d and Lightwave.These 2 applications kept me busy for long time. But  in early 2001 I have started using Maya due to project requirements. By the end of 2002 I started to learn Zbrush (v2) because we wanted to use Zbrush for our upcoming game project then(Lair for Ps3). At that time I used Zbrush to to detail some of our dragons for the game. It was a fabolous opportunity because we could just  put any detail and form that our designers wanted onto our models(which was unheard of) . Since then ZBrush has been one of my major tools. My current 3d toolset includes Modo, Zbrush, Messiah and Maya. Gobel Turntable 1 The process was straight forward really. I just had the basic idea in my mind as far as design goes. I just kept sculpting inside ZBrush. The ZBrush tools I have used for this one were Move, Standard, Claytubes and couple other custom tools I have made. I also use masking and transpose a lot. Kitap Okuyan FullBody Turntable 2 I wanted to stay away from mainstream usage of ZBrush for this work. I wanted to create a work that had a deeper message and different outlook. "The book reader"  was in my mind for a while but finally I had some free time to create it recently.  The main challange was naturally the reader figure. I have tried various poses and finally I have settled for the current pose. ZBrush's transpose, masking tools and 3d layers were the most helpful during this process. Email: kursad@plecxus.com Website: http://portfolio.plecxus.com/ www.plecxus.com
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