ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Majid Ismaily

ZBrushCentral username: SKULL_MONSTER

CHRISTIAN BALE Turntable 1, 2 Tried to capture Christian Bale,his likeness is so hard, and the result not bad to me... You can buy this model at http://www.ir-models.com/ GHOUL Turntable 4 MARLOCK ( a tribute to Stan Winston ) Turntable 5 ARTIST'S PROFILE Freelance character/creature modeler, hires-lores character modeling for Movie-Animation-Game and a part of ir-models freelance team Email: majid_smiley@hotmail.com - majid_smiley@yahoo.com   Website: http://majid-smiley.cgsociety.org/
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