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Mark Harrington

ZBrushCentral username: Sitrus

Orbb 2.0 Turntable 1,2 This is a project I started with the intent of it only taking 3-4 weeks but it ended up taking about 6 months in-between doing other things. Orbb is a character from the game Quake 3 comprised of only a pair of human arms and oversized eyeball with a small bionic section in the middle; in the game it’s a very simple design so I took the basic idea and redesigned him from scratch. As the rocket launcher was probably the flagship gun in the game I decided to redesign it to go with Orbb as his weapon. The base meshes were done in Maya then imported into ZBrush where I did all the sculpting. This is where I learnt that doing mechanical parts/hard surface modelling in ZBrush is a completely different method so it took a bit of getting used to. For the sculpting I used the clipping brushes for masking panels then inflating; the layer brush with lazy mouse for split lines, and various tech alphas. For the arms and eyeball I used a lot of reference to try and get them as anatomically accurate as possible though I couldn’t seem to get the hands right and I think the muscles may be slightly off in places. The texturing was all polypainting which was probably the most fun part of the project and very quick. After that I did the UV’s with UV Master then GoZ’d everything into Maya for rendering. ARTIST'S PROFILE I’m a university graduate and self-taught artist specializing in mostly modelling, texturing and post production. It’s always been my passion to work in CGI since my early teens and would love to be a part of producing a film or game. My favourite style of art is mixing bionic with organic in characters which first inspired me from the characters in the Doom and Quake games. I love the look of cybernetic characters being half human half machine with severed limbs and organs replaced with electronics and metal tubes. The software I use is Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop and After Effects. I normally use Maya for modelling environments and mental ray rendering and ZBrush for characters, or use them together. I find post production a fun process as well; my second passion is Photography so I use my knowledge from that to gain more realistic renders. I’m currently looking for work in the games and film industry. Email: mark@cgmachine.com   Website: www.cgmachine.com COMMENTS ON ZBRUSH I first discovered ZBrush back when it was version 2.0 and was amazed by what it was capable of and it’s come a long way since then. The limitless control and potential means you can create far superior models to what you can achieve in other software, for organic modelling ZBrush is definitely the easiest and quickest way of doing it. If I’d have done Orbb in Maya I’d still be modelling rivets on my death bed. The other thing I like is the level of realism you can get when it comes to modelling and texturing, you can really go crazy with your imagination. ZBrush will always be included in my workflow for future projects and I’d like to thank Pixologic for the opportunity to feature my work.
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