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Matt McDaid

ZBrushCentral username: MATTMCDAID

THE TOWER OF CRAZY MAGNUS I really enjoyed working on this piece.  Once the basic mesh was imported, i formed out the key areas such as windows and doors.  I then commenced on the stonework by masking out each individual stone by hand and using the 'inflate' and 'smooth' functions in the 'deformation' rollout. The cat actually replaced an owl that I had initially thought of.  I felt the silhouette of the cat complemented the Tower better than any previous owl design I had. To achieve the finer details, I created several different alpha brushes for the wood and metal/brass.  I did find myself going back to the 'ClayTubes' brush however as this, combined with different radial settings offered consistently good results. Overall, I really enjoy creating fantasy based artwork and take great inspiration from pretty much anything Tim Burton produces. ARTIST'S PROFILE I began my career over 10 years ago as a 3D developer creating simulation programs for the UK military .  However for the past 5 years I have been working in the games industry as an Environmnet Artist and currently working for Independent games developer Splash Damage based in London, UK. In my workplace ZBrush is a key tool for both character and environment artists alike.   As an environment artist I particularly like to form my base meshes in Maya with a reasonable amount of subdivisions before taking it in to ZBrush.   I then subdivide further and use many different brushes and strokes enabling me to achieve that rustic, beaten up look that is mostly unobtainable in most other software. Email:  matt@m2newmedia.co.uk
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