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Matt Thomson

ZBrushCentral username: lowpolymatt

Catwoman Turntables 1, 2, 3 and 4 I've always had a love of Catwoman. The reason for this take on her was purely down to how she has been portrayed of late in games and movies where I thought she was overly glammed up. I wanted to portray her as a more simplistic 'cat-woman', playing on the basic characteristics of a cat, innocent, playful and inquisitive. I wanted to make her cat-like elements more than just a suit, more like a part of her, hence the curly tail that seems to have a life of its own. The model was made as a test of what could be done with dynamesh, one of 4.2's new features. This was a learning project for me, as I have not had an opportunity to use zbrush much whilst in production at EA. I'm still very much in awe of its capabilities. The story in the scene is pretty straight forward; having caught one mouse in a trap, she's come face to face with another. It's this stand off between the two that I wanted to catch, like the moment before the chase. The backdrop is an old water tower, like the ones you see on New York rooftops. ARTIST'S PROFILE I have worked in the games industry for around 16 years, I started back at Bullfrog on Syndicate Wars in the mid 90's. Since then I've worked for Sony, Muckyfoot, and EA. My most current batch of projects being the Harry Potter series, where I've lead on World and Character art. I have a love for games art, movies and illustrative books. Email: lowpolymatt@hotmail.com Website: www.lowpolymatt.co.uk THOUGHTS ON ZBRUSH I first got a hold of ZBrush when I worked on Battlefield Modern Combat 360, where we worked with Pixologic on testing out the ZMapper plugin. Ever since then, I have been a strong advocate for its use within the EAUK Studio. It really is a remarkable tool that both games and movies could no longer live without. I can see a long and prosperous future for Pixologic if they continue to be at the forefront of 3d software. I am very much in awe of what the team have achieved over the years. Keep up the outstanding work!
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