ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Michael Hoopes

ZBrushCentral username: MOOPS

Elepharkank Turntable 1 Troll Turntable 2 TMNT Turntable 3 All the Turtles were done completely in ZBrush 3, while Splinter was my first attempt at using ZSpheres 2 in ZBrush 3.5. I used the retopology tools to make the belts, masks, and robes. I used masking asd extraction for the wrappings on teh weapons. The hair was done with a simple cube subdivided several times. Using subtool master, I mirrored the hair and then moved the new piece to where I wanted it and continued mirroring until I was satisfied with them. I made a lowpoly version of the sewer lid in Silo and brought that to ZBrush to detail. I used Decimation master to reduce each turtle seperately so I could combine them all in one render. these are based off dessigns by Jeff Campbell, an animator for Nickelodeon. I thought the designs were hilarious so I felt like I had to do them. Luckily, he gave permission for me to make an attempt. CHUNLI Turntable 4 This model is based off a sketch by Jon Diesta. The body was done using ZSpheres to start with. Clothes were done using a combination of the Topology tools and masking/extrusion. The hair was done by starting with one polycube subdivided and molded to a point that I was happy with. From there I mirrored the hair using Subtool Masterseveral times, repositioning each hair as I want along. The leg wrappings were done using the masking/extrusion method. BLOOD BUNNY Turntable 5 This was my morbid attempt at a "Monty Python"-ish rabbit. I used the same pedastal form the JOMD monster, repositioning some things. For the arm I used the DemoSoldier as a base to start from. JMOD Turntable 6 I used Zbrush 3 exclusively in making this piece. No outside software was used. I started with ZSpheres for the main body and used ZPrimitives for the eyes, rocks, pedestal and flower. The idea for this piece was inspired by Joe Olson. This piece started me expirimenting with trying to get a more cartoony style in my personal work. too often I find myself doing "realistic" models so it was refreshing to start a more whimsical style. Artist's Profile I am a 3d artist working for Disney Interactive at Avalanche Software. I am fortunate enough to work with some of the best artists in the industry. My email: michaelhoopes@gmail.com Artists credited: Joe Olson Jeff Campbell John Diesta Thoughts on ZBrush ZBrush is an invaluable tool for me. I try to use it whenever possible. It allows me the freedom to create and explore. I never feel limited. While other companies are becoming stagnant and only making slight iomprovements to their software, Pixologic continues to innovate.
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