ZBrush 3D Turntables
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Michael Knowland

ZBrushCentral username: DRYN

DINOSAUR I created a simple base mesh and got into Zbrush as quick as possible to block in the major forms, and then gradually build up in detail.  I mainly used the standard and clay brushes.   Tranpose tools then allowed to create an exciting pose. MOP AND SNOO I created multiple base meshes and treated each one in passes - building up the forms gradually.  I frequently used the clay brush in combination with the flatten brush to find a suitable style to what I was heading for.  I really enjoyed playing around with the different details and style, which was fast and easy with Zbrush.  3.1 was amazing, and now there is 3.5!  Can't wait to see what crazy sculpts it will inspire me to make.  ARTIST'S PROFILE  I have always been interested in games and films, and made the  decision to study a course in games design at university.  I recently graduated and have just settled into my first job in industry working as a character artist.  I loved Zbrush from the first moment I started using it, and try to to use it as much as possible with my work :). Email: mike46n2@gmail.com
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