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Milivoj Popovic

ZBrushCentral username: milivoj_popovic

Stipe the Shiled Tester Turntable 1 and 2 Stipe is not a very athletic guy, in school we was always the last to be picked, and he was ok with that.... but his father, he was a traditional man who wanted a strong and capable son, one that would make him proud! To make his father happy, Stipe joined the army! As he wrote to his father- you will be very pleased, father, to hear that i was hand picked for the SST Unit! What he didn't say was that SSTU stands for-Special Shield Testing Unit!... OUCH! ARTIST'S PROFILE I am co-founder of an award winning studio-Lemonade3D, always looking for interesting projects for my self and the studio. Our short films won many international awards, from Annecy's FIPRESCI award, to Aspen's Oscar qualifying Animated Eye Award and many in-between. My personal works have been featured in Ballistic Publishing's Expose books, magazines such as Animation Reporter, HDRI 3D, Autodesk's Mudbox 2010 brochure. Email: milivoj@lemonade3d.com Website: www.lemonade3d.com and www.shewhomeasures.com
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